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Digital Marketing

Get content that supports other businesses—while increasing your reach.


Get content that speaks to your audience—In simple language.

Small Business

Get content that supports entrepreneurs—while increasing your revenue.

Hi. I’m Enda. Your Expert B2B Content Writer

I don’t just put words on a page. I make those words work for you, the client.


Search Engine Optimization

Content isn’t valuable if it disappears into the digital abyss. You want your products and services found through organic search. I'll create content that's capable of ranking on search engines. Let SEO Work for Your Business!


You want your audience to connect with your brand and keep coming back for more. I’ll help you convert complex brand stories into straightforward, compelling content that inspires brand loyalty.

Research-Backed Writing

Fluff pieces leave your audience dissatisfied. You don’t want that. I deliver writing that’s info-packed while still being refreshing.


Get more bang for your buck with content that inspires action. I’ll inspire your audience to take the desired action using tried and tested copywriting techniques.

A Recap - Who Am I?

I’m Enda Ndungu.


I’m a freelance B2B content writer covering Digital Marketing, Finance, and Small Business Topics.


I know how to handle a content brief and write content capable of ranking on search engines.


Are you looking for a writer to keep your audience hooked? A writer with an understanding of business writing?


Well, then, I’m your writer!

Are We A Good Fit?

We’ll be a great fit if you’re the kind of client who:
  • Values well-written and unique content.
  • Knows the type of content you need, you’re clear about what the content should achieve and have target keywords.
  • Values the total writing package: SEO Knowledge + In-depth Research+ creative writing.

Do you resonate with all the above?


Yes? Great!


I’m the writer for you once you’ve done all your content planning. I’ll follow your content brief and deliver first-class content that drives remarkable results for your business.

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